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Delicately cleanses and gently cares for the skin:

- tightens pores, cleans, disinfects

- normalizes the blood flow in the skin and metabolism

- supports optimal level of hydrated cells;

- provides for prevention and elimination of edema

- gives elasticity and velvety skin

- easy to exfoliate dead skin cells.

- stimulates the renewal of skin cells, heals minor wounds

- promotes the breakdown of fat and ridding cellulite, removes the feeling of fatigue

- litzy cubeb essential oil gives a sense of freshness, raise mood, increases vitality.

Especially recommended:

for the daily care of dry, prone to dry and sensitive skin, in the complex treatment of neurodermatitis and eskudativnogo diathesis.

Ingredients: Сoconut Oil, Сastor Oil, Sea salt, Distilled water, Sodium Hydroxide, litzy cubeb essential oil.

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